New York Agriculture Education and Outreach Announces 2019 Grant Program for School-Based Agricultural Education Programs

Apply as a New Program - by december 20, 2019

Apply as a Growing Program - by october 18, 2019

To access the required acknowledgement page for the grant, please select the appropriate link below:

Growing Program Administrator Letter of Support and Acknowledgement

New Program Administrator Letter of Support and Acknowledgement

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Cornell University’s Agriculture Education and Outreach program is excited to announce the 2019-2020 “Agricultural Education Incentive Grant for New and Growing Programs.”  This program will provide local school-based agricultural education programs with grant awards to secure necessary resources for a high-quality agricultural education program.  These resources may include, but are not limited to: curriculum development, professional development, program development, resource acquisitions, and program coordination.

Kaylie Siddall, the grant program manager stated, “We have seen tremendous growth and development in agricultural education programs over the last two years because of this grant program.  Over 100 schools have been awarded grants and purchased field implements, enclosures for animal science courses, built apiaries, and so much more.  We are excited to grow agricultural education in New York through the 3rd year of funding for this grant and hope to reach more schools across the state!”

The application for the Agriculture Education Incentive Grant for New and Growing Programs is available under the “Teacher” section of the New York FFA Association website.  Applications will be accepted throughout October 18, 2019 for growing programs and awards will be announced in December 2019. New programs have until December 20, 2019 to apply and awards will be announced in February 2020.  For inquires and questions, interested schools should contact Kaylie Siddall, grant program manager, at .  The Agriculture Education Incentive Grant would not be possible without program supporters such as Cornell University, New York Farm Bureau, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, and New York State Education Department.

Agriculture education is a unique part of career and technical education that strives to enhance student education through the three-circle model of agricultural education.  The three-circle model includes: Classroom Instruction, FFA, and Supervised Agricultural Experiences (work-based learning). Currently, there are 176 schools offering agricultural education programs to over 10,000 students across New York State.  In addition to schools that are already offering agriculture education programs, there are over sixty additional school districts hoping to start an agricultural education program.  For more information regarding New York Agriculture Education, please visit our website at .